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Important note to Yahoo! and Comcast mail users October 27, 2006

Posted by Crystal in company.

I can’t fix this on my end, so you have to help me out. If you have a Yahoo! email address or Comcast email address you will NOT receive replies from me. It’s not personal – for whatever reason, those emails sent from my scooterseatcovers.com account to Yahoo! and Comcast emails lately have been consistently timing out and bouncing back to me. I found this out the hard way after a couple of customers have written repeatedly – eventually getting a little teed off – and I have absolutely no way of reaching them. You can’t imagine how frustrating this is! Well, maybe you can, if you’ve written and I haven’t replied. Anyway, I’ve tried writing to folks using another one of my email addresses, but so far no replies (but also no bounces).

Make sure I’m in your Contacts list in your Yahoo! mail. Make sure your account is set up to accept my email address through whatever interface you use with Comcast (sorry, I’m not familiar with it).

You can place an order using a Yahoo! or Comcast email address, but in the comments field or within your emails, please give me an alternate way in which to reach you, such as another email address (non Yahoo!) or a phone number and a time when you can be reached.

Thank you!


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