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fluffy seats & special orders March 17, 2008

Posted by Crystal in company, fabric.


Dirk’s custom scooter. Photo courtesy of Bryant Upchurch/Prime 8 Photography, Atlanta.
Wow, is it already March? I can’t believe how time is flying by. Usually January and February are the slow times of year in the scooter seat cover business, but I’ve been steadily busy. So much so that I’ve had to temporarily limit making any covers that involve either fluffy fancy fabric like the one above, or those that involve special order fabric or fabric you want to provide. 
Why? Well, for a couple of reasons. I love making you exactly what you want. But when a special order comes in, the entire queue slows down. Fuzzy fabric scooter seat covers take about twice as long to make as ‘regular’ covers, and when you want to send me a fabric you picked out, you usually have very specific requests that can make the process take up to three or four times as long. 
The good news is that I’m in the process of trying to hire local help to assist with making scooter seat covers, specifically special orders and popular custom orders. My goal is to make it possible for every customer to get their scooter seat cover within three weeks, rather than the one to two months that it can take sometimes during the busy season. 
So, if you’d like a super special fuzzy custom scooter seat cover, please bear with me! Ride safe!


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