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just say NO to ArmorAll on your seat August 2, 2007

Posted by Crystal in safety.
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noarmorall.jpgI’m in an unusual line of work, designing and making scooter seat covers for a living. One of the biggest challenges for me is finding scooter seats so that I can make patterns for various brands and models of scooters. Sometimes I buy brand new seats from dealers, and sometimes I buy seats from individuals on forums or on ebay.

Recently I won a seat on an ebay auction. The seat was in great shape and the price was super cheap. It got here, and I reached in the box to pull it out – and couldn’t get a grip on it. The seller did something that might make his product look good in an auction, but it’s something that NO ONE should EVER do: he had polished up the scooter seat with Armor All or an equivalent silicone-based polish. Sure, it looks lovely and shiny. But put your butt on that seat, and chances are you are going flying. Thankfully, I’m not riding on this seat, and no one else will be. It’s hard enough to even try to pick it up since it’s so slippery!

the small printI think I’ve heard this story on most every forum: A newbie washes and polishes up their scooter for the first time, and Armor-All’s the seat and floorboard (even though the label says not to), only fly off the seat and dump the scooter the next time they ride. That’s a tough lesson to learn.

So, if you’re cleaning up your scooter, selling a seat, or selling your scooter, do NOT use this stuff on any surface used for steering, sitting or pretty much, anything you come in contact with in the context of riding. If by any chance it’s too late and you’ve already sprayed this on your seat or floorboards, or you buy a seat or a scooter with this slippery stuff on it, you’ve got your work cut out for you trying to remove it. I tried a couple of products recommended to me: finger-nail polish remover, and Dawn dishwashing liquid, with some luck, although I still wouldn’t ride on this particular seat without more washes (at least I can pick it up now). I’ve also read that diluted Woolite will remove Armor All. There is probably an auto-detailing silicone removal solution that your local dealership or auto supply store may be able to recommend.

Safety first! Besides, if your seat looks that bad, cover it up with scooter seat cover. 🙂