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Even a busy scooter seat cover maker has to take some time out of her day to look all over the web for cool things, advice, creative ideas, you name it. Here are sites that I visit regularly and other businesses that inspire me.

sites about sewing, crafting, and garment production

Craftster.org forum – my favorite thread is the one in which people post photos of their sewing machines! This forum has a LOT of members, so it can be kind of intimidating, but you can also find a lot of like-minded people.

kathleen.jpgFashion Incubator – Kathleen Fasanella wrote The Book on designing and manufacturing sewn products. If you’re thinking of entering this crazy business of creating things made out of fabric, buy her book immediately. Then join the forum. Yes, read the book first, so you’ll literally be on the same page as the other members. NOTE: there is a rat bastard out there selling pirated copies of Kathleen’s book. Please buy from Amazon, directly from Kathleen, or other suggested sellers.

PatternReview.com – hundreds of sewing machine reviews, pattern reviews, and much more. I read nearly everything on here before I picked my most current sewing machine. They also have online classes.

fashiony stuff

SavvySeams.com – free nifty patterns.

Fitz – downloadable sewing patterns of clothes that people actually enjoy wearing.

Upholster.com – if you can make it through the not-so-great web design, you’ll find a great resource for basic upholstery tips and tricks.

random sites

ebay – Not a day goes by without a visit to ebay. Well, maybe a day every once in awhile. But not many.

Make Your Own Shoes – yes, really.

businesses that inspire me

Sheila Moon – beautiful cycling wear

Beau Ties of Vermont – how can this not be inspiring?

Arkel O-D – Serge, its founder and original designer, is one of my heroes.


1. sjkingsley2000 - April 1, 2008

HELP!! I saw the picture on this forum of the tartan seatcovered Vino 125, owned by “Sean in Canada”. I would really like to send him an email to find out where he got the chrome front rack for his scoot. If anyone knows him / knows where he got the rack etc., can you let em know? His scoot looks great! Thanks.


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