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free shipping, free key fob, and $5 to Gifford August 24, 2007

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As many of you know, I’ve been involved for months planning a long distant ride to Vermont in order to take part in a fundraising ride for the non-profit Gifford Medical Center’s end-of-life care. About 333 miles into the ride yesterday, my Vespa ET4 died, and I’m stuck kind of in the middle of nowhere waiting to be rescued. I have to buy a pricey part (CDI) and hope to get it installed before Saturday. While I’m probably not going to be able to get it fixed for this weekend’s ride, I’m still hoping you can help me out. How? Order a scooter seat cover by Friday August 31, and I’ll send it for free. That’s a savings of $6.99 to $14.99. I’ll also make you a matching key chain, FREE! Plus, I’ll donate $5 for each scooter seat cover order for the next week to Gifford Medical Center’s end of life care. Thank you for your support!

it’s getting real! Susan’s scooter arrives August 14, 2007

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Yesterday afternoon, Pascal and his son Nick brought Susan’s borrowed Yamaha Vino 125 to my house, in preparation for her arrival on Friday and our trip to Vermont. I promptly dressed it up in her new snow leopard scooter seat cover, and Pascal installed the GIVI plate and trunk.

Having her scooter here really made this whole adventure more real for all of us. Only 6 days left!

photo courtesy of Nick Girard

just say NO to ArmorAll on your seat August 2, 2007

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noarmorall.jpgI’m in an unusual line of work, designing and making scooter seat covers for a living. One of the biggest challenges for me is finding scooter seats so that I can make patterns for various brands and models of scooters. Sometimes I buy brand new seats from dealers, and sometimes I buy seats from individuals on forums or on ebay.

Recently I won a seat on an ebay auction. The seat was in great shape and the price was super cheap. It got here, and I reached in the box to pull it out – and couldn’t get a grip on it. The seller did something that might make his product look good in an auction, but it’s something that NO ONE should EVER do: he had polished up the scooter seat with Armor All or an equivalent silicone-based polish. Sure, it looks lovely and shiny. But put your butt on that seat, and chances are you are going flying. Thankfully, I’m not riding on this seat, and no one else will be. It’s hard enough to even try to pick it up since it’s so slippery!

the small printI think I’ve heard this story on most every forum: A newbie washes and polishes up their scooter for the first time, and Armor-All’s the seat and floorboard (even though the label says not to), only fly off the seat and dump the scooter the next time they ride. That’s a tough lesson to learn.

So, if you’re cleaning up your scooter, selling a seat, or selling your scooter, do NOT use this stuff on any surface used for steering, sitting or pretty much, anything you come in contact with in the context of riding. If by any chance it’s too late and you’ve already sprayed this on your seat or floorboards, or you buy a seat or a scooter with this slippery stuff on it, you’ve got your work cut out for you trying to remove it. I tried a couple of products recommended to me: finger-nail polish remover, and Dawn dishwashing liquid, with some luck, although I still wouldn’t ride on this particular seat without more washes (at least I can pick it up now). I’ve also read that diluted Woolite will remove Armor All. There is probably an auto-detailing silicone removal solution that your local dealership or auto supply store may be able to recommend.

Safety first! Besides, if your seat looks that bad, cover it up with scooter seat cover. 🙂

updates on the scooterseatcovers.com site, finally! July 30, 2007

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It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve written over here… because it nearly has been. July has been the busiest month so far this season, and there’s no rest for the weary. All that sewing time also means that I have less time to post pics of my latest scooter seat covers, get new fabrics up as fast as I’d like, and update my favorite part of the site: adding photos from you in the gallery.

Here’s a preview of one of my most recent products… a red bubble-fur scooter seat cover for a Metropolitan, made for Lainie in PA for her wedding. Come on over to the gallery to see more.

Please support me in riding the Last Mile for those in the last mile of their lives. June 19, 2007

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Last Mile Ride '07On August 25, 2007, I’ll be riding in the second annual Last Mile Ride to benefit end-of-life care at Gifford Memorial Hospital in my home state of Vermont.

I’ll be riding to honor the memory of Charles “Shod” McCullough, and to raise money for this exceptional non-profit hospital.

Charles On February 15, 2007, Shod passed away from cancer in the Garden Room at Gifford with family members by his side. Designed for terminally ill patients who are unable to die at home, the Garden Room is a special garden-side private suite for dying patients and their families, located in the hospital’s medical-surgical unit. The Gifford mission is to make the dying process as comfortable as possible and to relieve as much suffering as possible for the patient and family.

When I discovered that Gifford was coordinating a motorcycle ride to raise funds for its end-of-life services, I knew I had to do it as a memorial to Shod and to honor a family that I’ve grown to love as my own. Please read more on how you can help me reach my fundraising goal of $10,000, or join me on the ride… arrowright.gif

reconnected to the world, finally. May 28, 2007

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My sincere apologies for being so quiet. I was in Vermont for a few days for Shod McCullough’s burial, and staying with my sister on her farm. I was unable to get online due to a line being pulled down by a grain truck, and it wasn’t able to be fixed due to the holiday weekend. I’m back home now and reconnected to the world.

changes in pink cheetah fabric May 8, 2007

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lightpinkcheetaht.jpg pinkcheetaht.jpg
My supplier has changed its dye lot of pink cheetah fabric significantly. What I dubbed “light pink cheetah” (above, left) on my web site isn’t available any more (at least for now), and all I can get is what I just call “pink cheetah” (above, right). If you have asked for samples of light pink cheetah, or placed an order with the selection of “light pink cheetah,” I’m using what I still have available, or I may be contacting you to ask you if you would mind the change. Click images for close-ups of the fabric.

I’m in the Mood for fabric May 7, 2007

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Last Thursday, the highlight of the day was shopping at Mood, the fabric store that is featured in Project Runway. Imagine three giant floors of fabulous fabric – even if you don’t sew for a living like I do, I’m betting this place would blow you away.[click for a larger image]

One of my favorite finds was a faux-fur fabric that looks like wood!
wood-grain faux fur at Mood

My friend Emily in one of the many rows of upholstery fabric.
Emily in the upholstery fabric

There’s not nearly enough room in one blog to show all of the fabrics available, but I had to take a picture of this dizzying array of fabric. I literally got woozy looking at these.
dizzying array of colors

every groovy girl needs a groovy scooter seat cover April 9, 2007

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groovygirl.jpgLook what I got on ebay! This ‘Groovy Girls’ scooter comes with a purple cheetah scooter seat cover – how cool is that? 🙂

plain isn’t so plain after all April 9, 2007

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It seems that a lot of people who get a Vespa GTS with a black seat want a tan seat, and a bunch that get them with tan seats want black ones. Well, you can order a new seat, wait for one to come up on ebay, or you can get a plain fabric seat cover. This one, made of black velboa, not only looks great, it’s an economical way to change seat colors to the one you really want. The best part? You’ll still have your original seat color if you change your mind.